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Sideeffect treatment


A sinister prognosis was turned around to survival.

Fin bil - syg chauffør!

Al respekt for min akupunkturnåls arbejdsplads!

I dag opfinder man nye sygdomme for at få sin medicin solgt.

4 nåle der gør så godt efter Operationsfølger, blodprop i hjerne

En unik hjælp

Det er resultaterne der tæller

Begyndende åreforkalkninger til alle - hold processen nede!

Blodprøven afslører ikke alt.

Quantafysik og Memory Parallel


Curriculum Vitae for Hugo Nielsen

Carefully release with side effects from chemotherapy

A "Vikinge story" about my asthma

EU Seminar Hugo Nielsen System 2017

Et akupunkturpunkt kan miste sin biofysiske identitet

Cell Com teknologi system

DAEMBE: Deutsche Akademie für Energiemedizin und Bioenergetics

Acupuncture needles will find signaling failures

5 years experience with the Parallel Acupuncture and Cell Com

The tumour in only two months has shrunk from 3,2 x 2,2 centimet

Irene had one percent chance to survive

After Cell Com treatment the flu only lasted nine hours!

Akupunktur - og fagre nye verden!

We believe it is the "results" that counts and those we have see

Demonstration of Cell Com

Through 20 years as a successful breeder of sport horses and pon

I am pleased to have heard about Hugo Nielsen and his parallel a

An incurable disease held in peace - checked away with BBRS

A sprained knee

"My wife was for four years a human being completely knackered

When the blood sugar "went crazy" - 36 years with diabetes

No further attacks of pneumonia

PSA-Extract report from the experience with parallel acupuncture

Takeing long walks again.

The Hugo Nielsen System BBRS and the treatment of cancer

BBRS WORLD Master class* Acupuncturists

Back pains

acupuncture - PubMed - NCBI database

Central vene trombose retina

Akupunktur Systemet -der selv kan tænke og finde vej!

WHO's Nytårshilsen 2014-2023

Parallel Acupuncture is gone be the best

The fight against my asthma

Flere ting du nok ikke ved om akupunktur

BBRS WORLD: International Seminar and support

Parallel Acupuncture in the Norwegian health system.

Norge blev de første i den vestlige verden


Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain

Forskning fastslår at akupunktur virker

Parallelakupunktur: Den elektriske døråbner

Heart signals and relationships

Parallel Acupuncture, Cell Com Therapy and ECIWO Theory

Akupunkturnålens reguleringsvej til problemet.

Din hud og organer i evig kamp


Charlotte free from migraine after seven years

Charlotte free from migraine after seven years

Charlotte Sørensen, Vildbjerg, Denmark, is going to become a student next year and so it is a great relief that she has been freed freedom the attacks of migraine, which might last from one hour to four days.

Text: Journalist Bodil Moes

”Suddenly I could seriously take part in both school and weekend activities. The migraine has really for seven years made my school work difficult and when my friends had a hangover it with me provoke an attack of migraine.”

A magnet on the forehead
and clips in the ears!

”It started with a slight headache which gradually became worse. That it was migraine I suffered from was however difficult to establish,” Charlotte tells.

”My own doctor thought that it was a sinusitis and prescribed penicillin and later I was referred to Holstebro Hospital where I three or four times was scanned.  The doctors would not exclude that it might be a migraine but until they were sure they would not let me have the medicine I asked for.

Afterwards I tried many different things., among others I was treated with acupuncture in the back of my head and in my face with no result. Another alternative therapist had no doubt about the diagnosis and he placed clips in my ears and a magnet on my forehead without doing me any good.”

My aunt suggested
to go to Gram

”At one time my aunt suggested that I should go with her to The Hugo Nielsen Institute where she her self has been treated for several years, We went there every two weeks and after some treatments the attacks of migraine came at rare intervals and was less violent.

Now that I have got eleven treatments I am fine and need no more speculate the coming of the next attack. It might suddenly happen morning or night and the attacks lasted from one hour to four days. At one time both my mother and my doctor suggested that I dropped the pill, and as Hugo Nielsen supported the idea because of the imbalance of my body, I did it.

That I finally became free from my migraine is just wonderful,” Charlotte ends her statement.

Vildbjerg, Denmark
June 30th 2009

Danish English deutsch
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Anxiety - transitional age, hormones
Anxiety - transitional age, hormones

Saliva glands – removal
Saliva glands – removal

Eyes – tumour in
Eyes – tumour in

Menstruation – absence (amenorrhoea)
Menstruation – absence (amenorrhoea)

Muscles tension - cramp in diaphragm
Muscles tension - cramp in diaphragm

We believe it is the "results" that counts and those we have see
We believe it is the "results" that counts and those we have see

Cabotish rings - changes in the red bloos cells
Cabotish rings - changes in the red bloos cells

Urinary Tract – fistulas/post surgical
Urinary Tract – fistulas/post surgical

Impossible to operate deadly tumour
Impossible to operate deadly tumour

Testicles – cancer
Testicles – cancer

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02.Parallelakupunktur og Cellekommunikation 1997
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05.Jayne Tsuchiyama is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) working with cancer patients at the Queen's Cancer Center in Honolulu.

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