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Sideeffect treatment


A sinister prognosis was turned around to survival.

Fin bil - syg chauffør!

Al respekt for min akupunkturnåls arbejdsplads!

I dag opfinder man nye sygdomme for at få sin medicin solgt.

4 nåle der gør så godt efter Operationsfølger, blodprop i hjerne

En unik hjælp

Det er resultaterne der tæller

Begyndende åreforkalkninger til alle - hold processen nede!

Blodprøven afslører ikke alt.

Quantafysik og Memory Parallel


Curriculum Vitae for Hugo Nielsen

Carefully release with side effects from chemotherapy

A "Vikinge story" about my asthma

EU Seminar Hugo Nielsen System 2017

Et akupunkturpunkt kan miste sin biofysiske identitet

Cell Com teknologi system

DAEMBE: Deutsche Akademie für Energiemedizin und Bioenergetics

Acupuncture needles will find signaling failures

5 years experience with the Parallel Acupuncture and Cell Com

The tumour in only two months has shrunk from 3,2 x 2,2 centimet

Irene had one percent chance to survive

After Cell Com treatment the flu only lasted nine hours!

Akupunktur - og fagre nye verden!

We believe it is the "results" that counts and those we have see

Demonstration of Cell Com

Through 20 years as a successful breeder of sport horses and pon

I am pleased to have heard about Hugo Nielsen and his parallel a

An incurable disease held in peace - checked away with BBRS

A sprained knee

"My wife was for four years a human being completely knackered

When the blood sugar "went crazy" - 36 years with diabetes

No further attacks of pneumonia

PSA-Extract report from the experience with parallel acupuncture

Takeing long walks again.

The Hugo Nielsen System BBRS and the treatment of cancer

BBRS WORLD Master class* Acupuncturists

Back pains

acupuncture - PubMed - NCBI database

Central vene trombose retina

Akupunktur Systemet -der selv kan tænke og finde vej!

WHO's Nytårshilsen 2014-2023

Parallel Acupuncture is gone be the best

The fight against my asthma

Flere ting du nok ikke ved om akupunktur

BBRS WORLD: International Seminar and support

Parallel Acupuncture in the Norwegian health system.

Norge blev de første i den vestlige verden


Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain

Forskning fastslår at akupunktur virker

Parallelakupunktur: Den elektriske døråbner

Heart signals and relationships

Parallel Acupuncture, Cell Com Therapy and ECIWO Theory

Akupunkturnålens reguleringsvej til problemet.

Din hud og organer i evig kamp


5 years experience with the Parallel Acupuncture and Cell Com

5 years experience with the Parallel Acupuncture and Cell Com

Broadcasts: 5 years experience with the Parallel Acupuncture and the Cell Com System in Bremen 
with Dr. med. Klaus-Peter Netzband, Bremen and Hugo Nielsen, Denmark.
The Broadcasts can be downloaded on:

If you want to listen now klick down below:
Hier können Sie die von "R4H- das Radio für barrierefreie Köpfe" geführten Interviews mit CCS Erfinder Hugo Nielsen und Dr. Netzband herunterladen.

Radio R4H's project coordinator and V.i.S.d.P. Mr. Karl Grandt

"The chairman of the Health-Media eV, Liana Schwarz (14 years suffering Fibromyalgie) has recorded a few days of intensive treatment with the Cell Com- Technology System amazing improvements in her condition.

Ms Liana Schwarz:
"I am chairman of the Health Media Association and I have in the 14 years of my FMS disease unless they become so-called "gold dust cure" treatment but A VERY really good progress - is the Cell Com Technology, I was not able to barely half a year ago get more stairs to get my fingers no longer in the morning just no longer walk, walk fast, let alone just one kilometers cycling, etc.

Since I use the CCS, needed me after about 2 weeks my husband never again take up more stairs to our bedroom, my fingers are (almost always) OK, and movable, and in October I am 40 km on one day! Ridden a bike ..!
We see this technology as a great opportunity to improve everyday life for many patients who are sitting in a wheelchair or are bedridden."

The Hugo Nielsen Institute has in recent years appeared a little bit on the international arena. Therefore, we find it quite natural to help across the border, where you like to make use of our modest contribution to a better life. The experience and knowledge of Hugo Nielsen Institute has found its way to R4H in Germany.

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Foot joints - arthritis
Foot joints - arthritis

Allergy - food-Allergy
Allergy - food-Allergy

Headache + high blood presure
Headache + high blood presure

Jens keeps his incurable type of leukaemia in check with an ever
Jens keeps his incurable type of leukaemia in check with an ever

Ear – infection in the middle ear/drain
Ear – infection in the middle ear/drain

Anus - anus/pain in
Anus - anus/pain in

Nervous – raised metabolic rate
Nervous – raised metabolic rate

Nose bleed
Nose bleed

Water cyst - overall
Water cyst - overall

Testicles – cancer
Testicles – cancer

YouTube Video
01.Proteinernes vidunderlige verden
02.Parallelakupunktur og Cellekommunikation 1997
03.The Science of Acupuncture BBC
04.Ron Zoet - BBRS parallel acupuncture
05.Jayne Tsuchiyama is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) working with cancer patients at the Queen's Cancer Center in Honolulu.

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