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A sinister prognosis was turned around to survival.

Fin bil - syg chauffør!

Al respekt for min akupunkturnåls arbejdsplads!

I dag opfinder man nye sygdomme for at få sin medicin solgt.

4 nåle der gør så godt efter Operationsfølger, blodprop i hjerne

En unik hjælp

Det er resultaterne der tæller

Begyndende åreforkalkninger til alle - hold processen nede!

Blodprøven afslører ikke alt.

Quantafysik og Memory Parallel


Curriculum Vitae for Hugo Nielsen

Carefully release with side effects from chemotherapy

EU Seminar Hugo Nielsen System 2017

Et akupunkturpunkt kan miste sin biofysiske identitet

Cell Com teknologi system

DAEMBE: Deutsche Akademie für Energiemedizin und Bioenergetics

Acupuncture needles will find signaling failures

5 years experience with the Parallel Acupuncture and Cell Com

På to måneder svandt en knude fra 3,2 x 2,2 cm til 2,4 x 1,5 cm

Irene fik en procent chance for at overleve

After Cell Com treatment the flu only lasted nine hours!

Akupunktur - og fagre nye verden!

Du kunne blive glædelig overrasket!

Demonstration of Cell Com

Gennem 20 år som succesrig opdrætter

Ich bin froh von Hugo Nielsen und der Parallelakupunktur gehört

An incurable disease held in peace - checked away with BBRS

A sprained knee

"My wife was for four years a human being completely knackered

When the blood sugar "went crazy" - 36 years with diabetes

Ikke flere lungebetændelser

Prostatakrebs - Rapport fra Bremen:

Takeing long walks again.

Das Hugo Nielsen System BBRSu nd die Behandlung von Krebs

BBRS WORLD Master class* Acupuncturists


acupuncture - PubMed - NCBI database

Central vene trombose retina

Akupunktur Systemet -der selv kan tænke og finde vej!

WHO's Nytårshilsen 2014-2023

Parallel Acupuncture is gone be the best

The fight against my asthma

BBRS WORLD: International Seminar and support

Parallel Acupuncture in the Norwegian health system.

Norge blev de første i den vestlige verden


Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain

Forskning fastslår at akupunktur virker

Parallelakupunktur: Den elektriske døråbner

Heart signals and relationships

Parallel Acupuncture, Cell Com Therapy and ECIWO Theory

Akupunkturnålens reguleringsvej til problemet.

Din hud og organer i evig kamp

How to squeal

Parallel Acupuncture as Gossiping


Parallel-acupuncture was, for my part, the next logical step to consider. For when an ordinary acupuncture point had the apparent effect had to be a logical balancing act between two similar, corresponding ranking points on the body. Moreover, it also soon that many conditions was resolved with the parallel effort. Two similar placed needles instead of one. But what was the explanation?

The idea was that there is a communication between organs and cells and that they free to communicate together without interruption. The break in communication would logically produce a symptom or a disease in any linear direction. But what would be more natural than to let the body tell itself on its own signal ways and their extent?

Most of the ingredients you need, providing your body even as you need them. It should be understood in the sense that our body itself produces most of the substances that we use to maintain balance in the body, but there is obviously a wide range of substances to be injected from the outside - food, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the right quantities.

Some vitamins and minerals to be used in large quantities, and the daily food usually do not extend to cover this need. Here are particular of vitamin C. We cannot produce themself. Therefore, it is important how you eat in everyday life.

By regular treatment and preventive maintenance of you and your family will be at the same time, all come to use food many substances significantly better.


Behind Parallel Acupuncture is 35 years of physical treatment experience-based and tests conducted by the inventor and acupuncture Hugo Nielsen himself.

There has been a huge research efforts in finding the Acupuncture points and their impact and, generally speaking, is both the perception and the evidence now yonder that animals and humans largely reacting quite similar to acupuncture, electro acupuncture, TNS (The Trancutansk Nerve Stimulation), laser beams, and Moxa Treatment.

It is extremely effective treatment; this is not least because these processes are carried out without adding medication. The results obtained by individual organisms productions - which is unique.

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Begyndende åreforkalkninger til alle - hold processen nede!
Begyndende åreforkalkninger til alle - hold processen nede!

Cancersmerter generelt
Cancersmerter generelt

Æggestok- cancer / kræft i
Æggestok- cancer / kræft i

Hjertelidelser – udmattelse
Hjertelidelser – udmattelse

Kraftige smerter efter ødemer, er nu væk
Kraftige smerter efter ødemer, er nu væk

Øre – tunghørhed - forkalkning
Øre – tunghørhed - forkalkning

Fingre - gigt/slidgigt i
Fingre - gigt/slidgigt i

Lægen sagde: "Uden piller har du måske to måneder igen og med pi
Lægen sagde: "Uden piller har du måske to måneder igen og med pi

Krampe- rytmeforstyrrelse i
Krampe- rytmeforstyrrelse i


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01.Proteinernes vidunderlige verden
02.Parallelakupunktur og Cellekommunikation 1997
03.The Science of Acupuncture BBC
04.Ron Zoet - BBRS parallel acupuncture
05.Jayne Tsuchiyama is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) working with cancer patients at the Queen's Cancer Center in Honolulu.

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