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Das Hugo Nielsen System
Ein rechtzeitiger Beginn der Behandlung ist außerordentlich wichtig.
Die Parallelakupunktur als Indikator
Die Behandlung ist schmerzlos und vermittelt Wohlbehagen.
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Parallelakupunktur-Anwendungen im Hugo Nielsen Institut


A sinister prognosis was turned around to survival.

Fin bil - syg chauffør!

Al respekt for min akupunkturnåls arbejdsplads!

I dag opfinder man nye sygdomme for at få sin medicin solgt.

4 nåle der gør så godt efter Operationsfølger, blodprop i hjerne

En unik hjælp

Det er resultaterne der tæller

Begyndende åreforkalkninger til alle - hold processen nede!

Blodprøven afslører ikke alt.

Quantafysik og Memory Parallel


Curriculum Vitae for Hugo Nielsen

Carefully release with side effects from chemotherapy

EU Seminar Hugo Nielsen System 2017

Et akupunkturpunkt kan miste sin biofysiske identitet

Cell Com teknologi system

DAEMBE: Deutsche Akademie für Energiemedizin und Bioenergetics

Acupuncture needles will find signaling failures

5 years experience with the Parallel Acupuncture and Cell Com

På to måneder svandt en knude fra 3,2 x 2,2 cm til 2,4 x 1,5 cm

Irene fik en procent chance for at overleve

After Cell Com treatment the flu only lasted nine hours!

Akupunktur - og fagre nye verden!

Du kunne blive glædelig overrasket!

Demonstration of Cell Com

Gennem 20 år som succesrig opdrætter

Ich bin froh von Hugo Nielsen und der Parallelakupunktur gehört

An incurable disease held in peace - checked away with BBRS

A sprained knee

"My wife was for four years a human being completely knackered

When the blood sugar "went crazy" - 36 years with diabetes

Ikke flere lungebetændelser

Prostatakrebs - Rapport fra Bremen:

Takeing long walks again.

Das Hugo Nielsen System BBRSu nd die Behandlung von Krebs

BBRS WORLD Master class* Acupuncturists


acupuncture - PubMed - NCBI database

Central vene trombose retina

Akupunktur Systemet -der selv kan tænke og finde vej!

WHO's Nytårshilsen 2014-2023

Parallel Acupuncture is gone be the best

The fight against my asthma

BBRS WORLD: International Seminar and support

Parallel Acupuncture in the Norwegian health system.

Norge blev de første i den vestlige verden


Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain

Forskning fastslår at akupunktur virker

Parallelakupunktur: Den elektriske døråbner

Heart signals and relationships

Parallel Acupuncture, Cell Com Therapy and ECIWO Theory

Akupunkturnålens reguleringsvej til problemet.

Din hud og organer i evig kamp

The Cell Com System Gallery

Cell Com System is Cell communication between cells and organs.

A bio-electromagnetic Treatment System for pain and symptoms without side effects.

The Cell Com System is a new treatment system for the control of the bioelectromagnetic communication with and between all the body’s cells and organs. The treatment system excels by being exceptional in dealing with pain and symptom treatment. If the pain does not disappear totally after the first treatment then give another treatment. Regular treatment several times daily will usually give the desired effect. Treatment with the Cell Com has no known side effects and will not (pollute) have a toxic effect on your body. You are therefore able to use the Cell Com as often as you want to. In connection with pain the Cell Com System can be considered to be your very own home pharmacy, a problem- free solution at your fingertips! The positive effect of the Cell Com treatment will be strengthened if you are well hydrated by drinking lots of water, preferably just prior to each treatment.

This is how the Cell Com System works
The body consist of billions of cells grouped together to form organs with specialised functions within the organs and between the organs. In order that such a complicated system can function there exists a whole range of systems, which at all times ensures a balance within each cell, between cells and organs. The brain, the nervous system, the hormone system and the chemical control systems are known examples of such control systems. Some of these systems, maybe all of them, are regulated by electrical signals and impulses that can be measured not only on the surface of the skin along the so-called meridians known from classic acupuncture, but also via unknown pathways running from the skin surface deep into the body.

Without control systems chaotic conditions would quickly occur both locally or generally. Occasionally the control systems fail, possibly due to external attack (e.g. infections, chemical effects from the environment, etc). These external attacks cause faulty signals to occur, which in turn are incorrectly translated by the control system - confusion ensues, disease occurs.

The idea behind the Cell Com System is parallel to pick up the electric steering signals from the acupuncture points, compare them, passively strengthen some of them and then send the changed signals back to the body. The returned Cell Com signals are treated in an unknown superior control system and possible compared with the normal signals, which the control system remembers. The flawed signal will thus be registered and new corrected signals are sent round the body.

The healing starts without external help. Effectively it is you yourself that feed the Cell Com System with your own signals (symptoms) that need to be looked at and treated irrespective of how ‘old’ they might be and wherever they might be situated. When any pains and symptoms are reduced and/or disappear it is a sign that the organism now by itself is dealing with the disease and very different from the direct pain treatment, as we know it from the use of e.g. painkillers or morphine preparations.  See the Gallery

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Honorary member of

Fin bil - syg chauffør!
Fin bil - syg chauffør!

ACTH – hormoner/vandrivende
ACTH – hormoner/vandrivende

Chronic lymphocytes leukaemia
Chronic lymphocytes leukaemia

Æggestok- cancer / kræft i
Æggestok- cancer / kræft i

Prostata – forstørret
Prostata – forstørret

Æggeleder – tilstoppet/sammentrukket
Æggeleder – tilstoppet/sammentrukket

Huden – udslæt på
Huden – udslæt på

Menstruationsbesvær –hormonelt
Menstruationsbesvær –hormonelt


Angina Pectoris – efter  By-pass
Angina Pectoris – efter By-pass

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