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A sinister prognosis was turned around to survival.

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After Cell Com treatment the flu only lasted nine hours!

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Ikke flere lungebetændelser

Ikke flere lungebetændelser

After several pneumonia got Marit Bisgaard, Sydals learned how important it is immediately even go to attack the ills.

And after 8 Parallel Acupuncture treatments by acupuncturist Lone Nielsen Jensen at the Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram, she received three years ago a Cell Com unit from her daughter in-law.
Here she tells how items 12 +12 and 4+ 4 at the feet’s - used by the first cold symptom - has kept her free since the number of pneumonia - and on many other good experiences with the unit since 1998.

Text: Bodil Moes

"I had got antibiotics in connection with repeated attacks of pneumonia when I started to use my Cell Com. As soon as I catch a cold I start treating the points 12+12 and 4+4 on the feet every hour and then gradually only use 12+12. The result is that I for three years have not suffered from pneumonia and have not had to take antibiotics," says Marit Bisgaard.

When the diagnosis was made Cell Com handled the problem
"Some time ago I got pains in a front tooth and as it was loose I expected it to be a case of parodontal disease. So I read the instructions and found the points concerning this disease. It was no good! The explanation I got when I went to see the dentist. He took an X-ray and drilled a small hole in the tooth. Then he informed me that it was a periodontitis and prescribed a five days penicillin cure. The pains went away but they returned. Up to now I had forgotten my Cell Com but when I awoke in the night with terrible pains I started to treat the points 12+12 on the feet every hour. I dare say that only two of these treatments made the pains go away, and 12+12 had once more proved to be a fantastic point."

"These days I have a new attack of periodontitis but I have not taken antibiotics. Instead I use my Cell Com and hope to combat the inflammation before I in a fortnight shall go to see the dentist. This tough inflammation is already declining and if it does not go completely away I intend to let parallel-acupuncture finish it off."

Gone was my influenza and my colleague's pains
"Two years ago I was sent home from work with an influenza a Thursday at 6,30 p.m. I immediately started to treat the points 12+12 and 4+4 on the feet every hour and then gradually only used the points 12+12. The next morning the influenza had gone away and as a matter of fact I could have started to work the same day. I waited, however, till after the weekend."

"I have had other good experiences. For instance my fore-foot have sunk causing pains in my toes but they go away when I put the probes on the points 4+4, 13+13 and 17+17 on the feet!"

"At my place of work I one day helped a colleague who had pains in a swelling in the back of her head. As always I first used Cell Com on the points 12+12 and afterwards I put the two small probes half a centimetre away from the swelling. I helped and Cell Com had once more proved to be the terrific pain-killer in an emergency situation."

Sydals, Denmark

November 27th, 2001

11 November 2008
We have spoken with Marit Bisgaard to day and she announces that she has been free of pneumonia since.

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Halspulsåren, smerter i
Halspulsåren, smerter i

Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain
Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain

After Cell Com treatment the flu only lasted nine hours!
After Cell Com treatment the flu only lasted nine hours!

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Testikler – betændelse i

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Prostata – cancer i

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Blærehals cancer / kræft i

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Tyndtarm – tumor i

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